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Congratulations on your decision to get trained by one of the most innovative eyebrows techniques and by the hand of Microblading expert Wanda Fernandez. Our program teaches everything you need to know from the very beginning.

Microblading Trainings

We offer a Basic Course of two Days and a Professional Course of 3days

(Microblading kit valued at $500)

*Basic Course is $2,000 (2days)      *Professional Course is 2,500 (3days)

Entry Level:

No prior experience or license required

Day 1:  Blood Borne PathogenDay 2: We begging to learn how to draw perfect eyebrows. Also learning the tools of the microblading working with a synthetic skin.

Day 3: Work with live model under Wanda’s supervision. Wanda guides students to complete their first microblading procedure.

Topics Covered:


  • Sterilization —Safe practice
  • Skin Anatomy —Determining skin types understanding the skins structure
  • Healing —Proper healing for the procedure based on skin type
  • Blood Basics —breakdown of the immune system and how it affects our pigment
  • Setting up your new area of work or studio —Supplies needed
  • Consultations: Contraindications,  Medical concerns or releases and aftercare
  • Permanent makeup color Theory
  • Pigment choices, Correction options
  • Practice on practice skins with 5-10 needle configurations
  • Understanding skin Undertones and Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Tattoo Removal techniques in case of a mistake
  • Pigment Lightning techniques
  • Eyebrows Shaping and Measurements




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