Dig into the history of Beiamed Brows & Lashes

Our History

Beiamed Brows & Lashes is an eco-chic beauty spa in Miami, Florida offering the best services in all things beauty and health. With more than 8 years in the industry, we are leaders in providing exceptional treatments and procedures with the most advanced technology to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as it is stylish.


Everyone is a VIP here with complimentary mimosas that pair nicely with our modern and tranquil space. We are the only spa in Miami that prides itself in putting our clients first over everything else. We like to make our clients feel like Beiamed is like their second home where they can kick back and relax after a long, dreary day.
Previously known as Beiamed Hair Center, we have been the pioneers of Microblading in the Miami Brow scene, among celebrities and locals. Now as Beiamed Brows & Lashes, our full service Beauty Spa remains committed to popular and trendy services. Whether you’re coming in to spoil yourself or to celebrate with your friends, Beiamed is your perfect excuse to get pampered.

Meet The Team


Owner & Founder
Beiamed Brows & Lashes is owned and operated by Wanda Fernandez, licensed esthetician and microblading specialist. Beiamed was born out of a single treatment room by Wanda, a talented, ambitious, and resourceful woman who believed she can make a revolutionary change in the industry. Every day, Beiamed Brows & Lashes makes that belief come true by providing excellent customer service, professional-quality work, using state-of-the-art equipment. Wanda is constantly adapting and learning new techniques and ways to perfect the art of microblading and scalp pigmentation to continue delivering the quality service that she believed in when she created Beiamed.
After many years of Beiamed creating a recognizable footprint in the microblading industry, Wanda chose to share her knowledge and passion for microblading and scalp pigmentation so she offers mentorship classes where she passes down her teachings to students who want to grow and evolve their skills in this ever-changing field.


Eyelash Extensions Specialist


Micropigmentation Specialist


Micropigmentation Specialist






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