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Bombshell Wax Training

What is Bombshell Wax?

Made by fourth generation refineries in Great Britain and France, internationally renowned as the countries of origin for the world’s finest wax products.  Our supplier is a family-run operation with old-world standards.  Since Bombshell Waxes are custom blended in small batches, the quality is superior to other mass-manufactured brands.

We use only the finest rosins, pure essential oils and carefully selected choice ingredients.

Once you try Bombshell Wax, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with the formula, quality and price.



Advanced Waxing – Speed Waxing & Mastering Basic Bikini

Become an expert in these coveted wax techniques and watch your income grow dramatically. Model required for hands on, or register with another esthetician and work on each other.


Mastering Brow & Brazilian – Bombshell Wax

Master the most challenging wax techniques using hard & strip wax. Includes lecture, demonstration and hands on experience. Class is excellent for anyone wanting to refine their skills, regardless of wax brand preference. Model required for hands on, or register with another esthetician and work on each other.

treatment 06

Brow Architecture with Bombshell Wax

Master the art of brow shaping techniques using hard & strip wax. This waxing class is going to be excellent for any esthetician, seasoned or new grad who wants to refine their skills, or any salon or spa owner wanting a new esthetician to master brow shaping,Read More

Training Cost:

Superior quality and performance.  Unbeatable price. $699


Coming Soon

Male Advanced Waxing workshops will be confirmed in the near future.

Interested in Advanced Wax Training at Your Salon?

What sets Bombshell apart?

  • Superior Performance, Gentle, Safe for all skin, Consistent.
  • Superior Ingredients.
  • Formulated with the NEWEST Advanced Technology in Waxing making it more efficient removing hair & easy to use.
  • Save Money with prices 40% less than the competitor high quality waxes.
  • Complete system of pre/post care that supports health of the skin.
  • Educational and Brand support.


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