Microblading/Nanoblading Training

Microblading / Nanoblading Training

What is Nanoblading?


Nanoblading is the newest technique in Microblading!
Nanoblading is an advanced Microblading technique. With this new technique, we can place finer strokes and the skin is able to heal much faster. After healing, strokes will be tighter and more visible. Nanoblading uses an even finer microblading blade of 0.18mm. A special pigment is used: Nanopigments, the pigment particles are much smaller than in ‘normal pigments’. This pigment also contains a special adhesive that will immediately seal the stroke. This promotes healing and ensures that the strokes do not fade during the healing process.
During the healing process, clients will be given a special cream. This cream will reduce the histamine formation in the skin. The gorgeous results speak for themselves!


Day 1

Course Introduction
Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate Training
Review of Course Kit
Safety & Sanitation
Client Consultations

Day 2

Permanent Makeup Color Theory
Pigment Choices / Correction Options
Practice on Synthetic Skin
Understanding Skin Undertones
Tattoo Removal Technique
Pigment Lightening Techniques
Eyebrow Shaping & Measurements

Course Overview

Enroll in our Nanoblading Training Course to become a certified expert in an ever-changing industry! No prior experience or license required. Our Nanoblading Course is perfect for newcomers to the industry or professionals looking to expand their knowledge. The Nanoblading Course is offered by Ecuri Cosmetics and Beiamed Brows & Lashes. We include everything you’ll need to get started in growing or building your business with ongoing training and marketing strategies. You will receive your very own Nanoblading Kit with tools, pigments, color rings, and practice skin.


We teach you how to use a very fine blade to deposit organic pigments into the first layer of the skin. The strokes replicate a natural hair-line. Once you’ve completed this brow course, you will be able to offer  this brow treatment to clients who are looking to enhance the look of their natural eyebrows. Before completing our Course, we ensure you understand and retain the concepts and techniques you are learning. This Course includes step-by-step instructions, hands-on procedures and demonstrations of permanent eyebrow techniques.


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What sets our Nanoblading Course apart from our competitors?


  • Hands-On Practice
  • Learning From The Best In The Industry
  • One-On-One Teaching & Close Supervision
  • Learning-Friendly Environment
  • Bilingual Classes


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