Permanent Makeup Training

What’s It Like To Work As A Permanent Makeup Artist?

Your work environment will depend greatly on the type of permanent makeup career you pursue. For example, if you want to use your training to become a tattoo artist, your work environment will differ greatly from that of a medical environment.
Your workload will also dictate what kinds of permanent makeup equipment you’ll be using. This can include digital rotary machines, tattoo coil machine, and other equipment necessary to perform permanent makeup procedures.


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Course Overview

We will cover a number of topics in our Permanent Makeup Training Course. We will go into detail in the following:


Makeup Application – You will learn about the eye and how to safely perform procedures in this rea, as well as general anatomy. You require a keen understanding of such techniques such as eyebrow tattoo and permanent eyelashes in order to graduate.


Patient Skills – You must learn to communicate with each patient and ensure they are comfortable under your care. Diagnosing issues and creating a plan for treatment is included as well as how you could prevent any issues that may arise.


Skin Disorders – Everyone’s skin is different. You must understand how a person’s skin can affect your practice and how you can work with a patient with a skin disorder so they may heal most effectively after the procedure.


Sanitation & Health – We will teach you to keep a clean and sanitary workstation at all times. OSHA requirements should be covered, as well as any regulations and laws that apply to the state you will be doing business in.



*Financing Available


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